We believe that the divine commission requires that we preach the gospel in all the world, and that we baptize those who believe, and establish New Testament Churches constituted only of born again persons, and teach them to be obedient to all the counsel of God. We believe that this can be accomplished only under the enablement of the Holy Spirit. Mk. 16: 15-26; Matt. 28: 18-20; Acts 2:41; Acts 8: 36-37; 1 Corth. 1: 17; 1 Corth. 4: 15; John. 14: 26; John 15: 26-27; John 16: 7, 13, 14

Our Missionaries

Linda Baughman           FRANCE

The Bowers                  HAITI      

Jeanette Joyner                UGANDA  

The Kotvas                  PERU

The Siddalls               CANADA  

The Zimmermans        USA